McCluskey_mugshot_pretentiousI write about literature, history and theology.  I have a BA in Russian and German and an MPhil in Modern European History from the University of Cambridge. I began a second BA in Theology at Harris Manchester College, Oxford, in 2015; this is why my recent blogging life has been quite so quiet.

I have been a contributor to the collective litblog Vulpes Libris since 2008.  You can find my collected posts here. My Project SJ, a growing collection of interviews, reviews and reflections on Jesuit vocation and identity, launched in July 2014. I am a regular book reviewer at The Tablet and a frequent contributor to their Speed Reading column.

A native Scot, I live in Oxford and have an enduring love for Philo of Alexandria.


‘Reading Trotsky, Writing Bronstein’, Revolutionary Russia 19/1 (June 2006)

‘The importance of being Che’, Suramericana (April 2010)  – available here

Interview with Br. Guy Consolmagno, The Vatican Past and Present (Issue 4) – to order here

Review of Jürg Ulrich, Trotzki als junger Revolutionär, Revolutionary Russia 24/2 (December 2011) – available here

Review of Rowan Williams, A Silent Action: Engagements with Thomas Merton, The Tablet (20 July 2013) – available here

Review of Joshua Rubenstein, Leon Trotsky: A Revolutionary’s Life, Revolutionary Russia 26/2 (December 2013) – available here

Interview with Rowan Williams about Teresa of Avila, Theology (May/June 2014) – available here

‘Novus Habitus Mentis’, The Honest Ulsterman (May 2014) – available here

Review of Paul Murray OP, Scars, The Tablet (5 July 2014)

‘Books of the Year’ (contributor), The Tablet, (4 December 2014, available here).

Review of Maggie Ross, Silence: A User’s Guide, The Tablet (24 January 2015)

Review of Monica Baldwin, I Leap Over the Wall, The Tablet (25 April 2015)

Review of John A. Weafer, Thirty-Three Good Men, The Tablet (13 June 2015)


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