Month: September 2015

In conversation with Brendan Walsh, literary editor, The Tablet

My interview with Brendan Walsh, literary editor at The Tablet, on Vulpes Libris today. He’s a good sport, is Brendan.

Vulpes Libris

Brendan Walsh (photo by Laura Keynes)

I have been reviewing books for The Tablet – Britain’s second oldest weekly paper, and a Catholic literary institution – since 2013. As a newcomer in every sense, I continue to be struck by the paper’s impressive combination of a cohesive theological identity and a refusal to follow a single editorial line. The Tablet is forever arguing, even with itself: an irresistible quality. My editor, Brendan Walsh, kindly agreed to answer a few questions and provide an insight into the interior world of The Tablet, in the books pages and beyond. – Kirsty Jane McCluskey

What does a literary editor do, exactly?

​If you’d have asked me five years ago, I would have explained that literary editors were an idle shower of chancers and poseurs, who sen​d​ books published by their cronies ​at one of the big publishing conglomorates ​ and ​written by ​one…

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