Here’s Looking at You: a conversation about Casablanca

Enthusing about Casablanca.

Vulpes Libris

CasablancaPoster-GoldOnce upon a time, entirely by accident and when they were discussing something completely different (like Father Ted), Bookfoxes Kirsty and Moira discovered that they had a shared love of the 1942 film classic, Casablanca. After chatting away for several minutes, it occurred to them that it would make a jolly good subject for a VL piece. So, a couple of days ago, they sat down and made a proper job of it … revealing, in the process, rather more about themselves and their several strange passions than they probably intended.

We join them as they settle down for a good natter, with As Time Goes By playing softly, somewhere in the background …

Kirsty Jane McCluskey (feeling rather intimidated by the scale of the thing): How shall we start?

Moira Briggs: Why don’t we start with how less is more? The first—and really major—thing that struck me about Casablanca

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