Month: November 2014

Casting The Last Prince: Part I

In my other, more frivolous writing life, I’m having great fun casting imaginary films.

The Last Prince

As publication day approaches (1st December! good God) I’ve been having great fun thinking about who I’d cast in The Last Prince: The (Hypothetical) Movie. This wasn’t easy, partly because I don’t often write with actors in mind, but mostly because I’m tragically out of touch – or, if you like, I have old-fashioned sensibilities. I had to throw all considerations of time/space/age/death/retirement out of the window. But I finally got there, and so here are a few of my picks.

jennie mctavish

“Absolutely not,” I said, doing my best to channel Dad in my-members-won’t-wear-it mode. “There is no question of my colleague resuming the throne. This is not a palace coup, but a strategic operation aimed at laying open the mechanisms of government, creating a safe space in which a truly democratic alternative might emerge, and restoring a political prisoner to freedom. Sorry, have to blow my nose,” I…

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