Month: June 2013

The far too occasional update

Revisions on my first novel are well underway (for which read: I’m completely rewriting the damn thing) and I’ve embarked on agent submissions for the second, which means waiting.  [Father Jack voice] Interrrrrrminably waiting [/Father Jack voice].

Meanwhile, my conversation with Rowan Williams about education and impact criteria is now up on Vulpes Libris: link.  I’ve lined up another interview, with another prominent man of the cloth, which should hopefully take place in a couple of months’ time.  (Sorry for the vagueness: I am unbecomingly superstitious, but this really should be rather good.)

Two forthcoming publications

Two excellent pieces of news recently: my conversation with Rowan Williams about Teresa of Avila will appear in Theology in 2014, and my review of his new book about Thomas Merton should appear in The Tablet in July.

It has been a rather wonderful few weeks, even as I plug away at major revisions on my first novel and start thinking seriously about what to do with my second — both stressful processes in their own way, but the work is rewarding.